NTRY – Sweden’s first digital matching platform for entrepreneurs


NTRY – Sweden’s first digital matching platform for entrepreneurs

19 Nov 2019 Comments Closed 155 Views

The beta version of NTRY – Sweden’s first digital matching platform for entrepreneurs is now being launched

Swedish NTRY Group AB is now launching the beta version of Sweden’s first digital matching platform for entrepreneurs, NTRY, on November 15, 2019.
The platform has so far been evaluated by an exclusive group of entrepreneurs. Beta launch falls on the same day NTRY Group AB receives an entrepreneurial prize in the form of a stipend of SEK 70000 from the Frixo Foundation, which aims to support, promote and inspire entrepreneurship in society. This is one of the most important issues of our time where many global and national challenges are dependent on a strong entrepreneurial landscape.

NTRY offers contractors to find advisors, mentors, specialists or investors that fit your idea or industry more quickly through a matching engine.

With NTRY, entrepreneurs can start companies with others, accelerate the process towards finished product or service and avoid having to fall into the same pitfalls that can slow down the journey to fulfill their dream. Entrepreneurship is the path to individual freedom and economic growth in a society. To date, NTRY Group AB has over 100 members and about 70 partners. Interest in the service is great and a full-scale launch is made around the turn of the year following tests of UX and conversion hypotheses on existing users.

– With NTRY, we redefine the meaning of “entrepreneurial support”. For the first time ever, entrepreneurs, no matter what stage they are in, on their entrepreneurial journey can be matched against each other, in a way that creates security and flexibility – digitally, says Nicole Zamani, CEO and founder of NTRY Group AB.

– The results of interviews conducted with entrepreneurs both start-ups and more established are a clear receipt that validates our vision of what an entrepreneurial landscape should look like, where we will invest in AI and machine learning. We are very pleased that everyone who wants, now gets the chance to be matched against co-founders in the platform through free annual membership, in connection with the beta launch, says Tom Evers, Sales and business Development director and co-founder of NTRY Group AB.

– The entire application is tailor made from scratch with user experience, security and integrity as the highest priority. The technology behind NTRY now enables users to meet the needs that arise during the entrepreneurial journey in a smoother, faster and above all individually adapted way, says Ivar Johansson, CTO NTRY Group A

Source: https://it-finans.se/