Fintech Demo Presentations

Anthony Brady

Manager for Cards, Handelsbanken, Norway

Fintech Demo Presentations

16:10 - 17:30 07 May, 2019

Payment innovations, Mobile banking, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and Virtual Reality are just a few of the fast approaching societally transformative technologies coming in the next wave.
Where will all this technology be created and commercialized?
A majority of this future technology will likely be brought into the world by entrepreneurs creating startups!

16:15- 16:30 | Presetation 1

Michael Juul Andersen Chief Revenue Officer at Spiir/Nordic API Gateway, Denmark

16:30- 16:45 Cardlay and Vattax – a transitional window for Commercial Banks
How can Commercial Banks create stronger digital relation with corporate clients and new revenue streams from digital services, using Cardlay White-Label platform and Vattax – an automated VAT reclaim service

Vladimir Pajkovski, Chief Product Officer at Cardlay A/S, Denmark

16:45- 17:00 | Presetation 3 An identity odyssey anno 2019

  • How do consumers identify themselves online across Europe
  • Cross-border identity verification brings us back to the year of 1997
  • Why the additional 30-60 sec matter?

SPEAKER: Jonas Ingelström, CEO Zignsec

17:00- 17:15 | Presetation 4

SPEAKER: Joonas Tomperi, CEO / Partner, Enable Banking, Finland

17:15- 17:30 | Presetation 5