Assignment review promises “new revelations” about Swedbank


Assignment review promises “new revelations” about Swedbank

19 Nov 2019 Comments Closed 182 Views

Swedish Television, SVT, writes in a press release that the new program of Assignment Review will contain “new disclosures” about Swedbank.

SVT writes in the press release that it has been nine months since the first revelations about Swedbank and the money laundering. SVT also recalls that at the Annual General Meeting at the end of March, Swedbank decided not to appoint an independent special audit for the purpose of money laundering.

“The decision means that the Assignment Review Team decides to do the job the independent investigator would have done. This leads to a new track that concerns one of the most serious regulatory violations a bank can commit, ”writes SVT.

The program will be broadcast tomorrow, Wednesday, and will be available from 6 o’clock in the morning.